Chinrock Records  is a Miami based independent recording and publishing company. Our music is a mixture of various styles and cultures. A blend of popular music which includes Hip-Hop, Reggae, Calypso and Rhythm & Blues.

Tally Tal

Latest Album
My Name is Legendary

A musical adventurer, a poet and song writer. An artist who believes in helping the up and coming, especially the youths. And dream one day to create a medium for those who are willing but have no place to shine.
Tally's music is a mixture of Hip-Hop and Reggae. His universal appeal and international sound stretches from urban America and the Caribbean to the Nile of sweet mother Africa. A musical adventure that takes you on a natural high. A certain smoothness that makes you feel embedded in the softest silk. An enchantment that can subdue the coldest heart with a smile. Come with me on a fantastic journey, an adventure through love and music.

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Fire Bush 

Famous Hit
Sexy Mama

With his unique and universal blend of various styles of music, the Fireman can only be classified as an artist.
Embracing the enchantment of Reggae, with the heart pounding beat of Hip-Hop.
Where the sweet groove of Rhythm and Blues ended, only to be swept away by a magical flow of Jazz.
These, are the footsteps of the Fireman. As we look at music through different dimensions, Fire Bush is one we have not yet seen. A future occurring in the present, only to unveil, an endless universe.



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